Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sheds Club

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THE garden shed has become a safe haven for many a man over the years, and one Brixham man, in particular, is keen to see that tradition live on. Gary Payne, of Pillar Avenue, is looking to set up a Men's Sheds Group, an informal social group for like-minded individuals tired of getting under their wife's feet. "I believe some men go down the pub with half a pint of bitter and sit there all day. That's all fine if that's what you want to do," he said. "But I would like to get a group of men together from across the Bay and set up a Men's Sheds Group, to get them out of the house and active."
A similar group, created to get men out of the house and doing something active and creative, was recently set up in Exeter and continues to go from strength to strength. "I did some research and found that the idea seems to be an Australian operation," explains Gary. "They have load of the groups out there but there are only four registered in the UK, one of which is in Exeter. "Not many at al when you consider how many men there must be at home looking for something to do." It's still early days for the Torbay faction of Men's Sheds, and Gary is eager to hear from anyone who might be interested in getting he group off the ground. "I'm still looking for the premises at the moment. It hasn't got to be a shed; it could be a garage, a store room or a workshop, just somewhere a group of men can go and have a chat and a cup of coffee. We'll get some tools in there and then we can work on any broken furniture from home, or any repainting that needs doing. Anything that needs doing, we will attempt it."
And Gary isn't ruling out women from the roost either. "I know the idea is a club just for men, but I disagree with that. I know some lady mechanics who are brilliant, and could teach the men a thing or two. If any ladies do come along, they will be made welcome. To get involved with Torbay Men's Sheds Group, please contact Gary on 01803 883 794.
Devon Garden Sheds is a full supporter of this group, and we will bring you any updates that we get from Gary. Finally from all the team here at DGS we would like to wish Gary and all the other group members all the best in creating a successful Torbay Men's Sheds Group.

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