Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Storage Sheds

Why not add extra storage space to your garden this winter with our range of Storage Sheds from Devon Garden Sheds.  I'm Sure our range of Plastic Storage Sheds, Wooden Storage Sheds and Metal Storage Sheds will suit every taste and budget.

Check out our Wheelie Bin Store and Bike Store for added selection of your storage needs.

All our wooden products come pre-treated as standard or why not design your own storage solution with our Bespoke service.

Looking for something a little bigger? Visit our website www.devongardensheds.co.uk for our full range of products.

1 comment:

  1. If you opt for wood and reside in a rainy part of the world, make sure that the wood has been treated and waterproofed. If garden equipment is left in the shed while still wet, it could lead to
    the floors and beams rotting, which is certainly not an idea storage solution.

    Metal sheds